Secondary Athletics

fallteams17.pngThe primary goal of the athletic department at CCS is to glorify God through the development of Christian character in the school’s athletes.  This goal needs to be clear and apparent through everything that is done in the sports program. The rest of the goals of the CCS sports program can never at any time surpass the primary goal. The coaches and athletes must never put winning at such a high goal that rules are bent or broken in order to win.

However, the goal of winning does fit into Christian athletics. Since CCS athletes are to do their best in all things attempted, it is not right to do less than their best when it comes to winning. The coaching staff will always push the athletes to do their best in order to achieve the goal of winning without eclipsing the primary goal of honoring Christ.

With society’s emphasis on sports in this day and age, it is a constant battle and necessity for a Christian student to maintain the right perspective in the area of athletics. The goal of every Christian student is to glorify God through Christ-likeness. This means that whatever the student does, Christ-like actions, attitudes, and responses should be demonstrated. These efforts should not cease upon entering the school athletic arena.

Participation in athletics reveals the character in students.  It will reveal right and wrong responses, secular or Biblically based philosophies, as well as godly or godless character. Sports at CCS will be used as a tool to teach the athletes Biblical principles such as teamwork and role playing (individuals utilizing their strengths and recognizing their weaknesses for the cause of the team).  Sports can also teach the student how to Biblically respond to authority, adversity, challenges, winning, and losing.

A true winner always does his best, never to the glory of self, but always to the glory of God.  
With God’s help, I will be a true winner today